Lt. Governor Timothy Murray comes to Sudbury 8/30

Published August 30, 2011 | Community Housing Office | Automatically Archived on 8/31/2011

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Over the last two years, the towns of Sudbury, Bedford, Concord, Lexington, Lincoln, and Weston have been working together to identify opportunities to share local services that will better serve affordable housing administrative activities in the six communities.  After much work and collaboration, the group has launched the Regional Housing Services Office which focuses on a range of services, especially including efforts to plan, permit, monitor and preserve affordable housing units, as well as providing access to regional renters and buyers.

This is a great example of cities and towns working together to share local services.  As a former mayor and city councilor, Lt. Governor has led the Patrick-Murray Administration’s efforts to encourage cities and towns to explore regionalization.  In 2010, Lt. Governor Murray chaired the Regionalization Advisory Commission, which filed its report last April and the Lt. Governor continues to promote regionalization as an opportunity to create more efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of  local services.  He will be the featured speaker at the state’s 3rd Annual Regionalization Conference, which will also include a presentation by the Town of Sudbury. 

Come hear more Tuesday at 2:45 Sudbury Town Hall.