2012 Census & Dog License Forms Mailed

Published January 3, 2012 | Town Clerk | Automatically Archived on 1/12/2012

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The 2012 Annual Town Census will be mailed to all residents on January 4-6, 2012.  Sudbury residents should verify or correct any information, sign and return the census within 10 days of receipt.  Census forms received for families no longer residing at the mailing address should be returned to the Town Clerk’s office with new contact information.

The data from the census is used to compile the Sudbury voter list, Sudbury school planning, and other reports required by Massachusetts General Law, therefore all members of the household should be included.  If a resident does not receive a census form by January 16, 2012, the Town Clerk’s office should be contacted at 978-639-3351 to have a duplicate form mailed.

Failure to respond to the Annual Town Census will result in the removal from Sudbury’s active voting list and removal from the resident list for any non-registered voters.

The census packet will include a Dog Licensing form as well as Voter Registration, Election Calendar and Poll Work information for 2012. A completed census can be returned by mail or hand delivered to drop-off boxes located outside the Clerk’s office (322 Concord Road) and the Flynn Building (278 Old Sudbury Road).

Dog Licensing: Sudbury residents are reminded that it is time to license their dog(s) for 2012. The licensing fee is $15 for a neutered/spayed animal and $20 for a male/female dog that is not neutered/spayed. Licensing may be done in person at the Town Clerk's office or by mail. Dog owners are encouraged to license their dogs early and avoid the late penalty of $25 they will be required to pay for each unlicensed dog, in addition to the regular licensing fee, beginning April 3, 2012. The electronic dog licensing form can be found here– please note, it must be submitted in person or by mail.

For additional information regarding dog licensing or the census, please contact the Town Clerk's office at 978-639-3351 or [email protected].