May is Wetlands Month, Help Celebrate our Wetlands

Published May 10, 2010 | Conservation Office | Automatically Archived on 6/2/2010

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Celebrate Wetlands Month

Wetlands, their importance is often misunderstood if not known at all. May is Wetlands Month, and that being said, it is important that wetlands get the proper acknowledgement and respect they deserve. When most people think of wetlands, they may think of swampy, marshy areas complete with muck and cattails.  While those areas are indeed wetlands, many other wetlands look quite different and may even have no surface water for all or part of the year.  Some wetlands support trees and shrubs, others may have open water bodies such as ponds and vernal pools. Be patient and take a closer look and you can see the variety of species a wetland holds and the services it provides. In principle, a wetland must have the following criteria: