Notice of Legal Responsibility sent from Conservation Department

Published October 14, 2015 | Conservation Commission | Automatically Archived on 10/29/2015

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The Conservation Department is in the process of verifying and closing outstanding Orders of Condition, many dating back to the 1990’s. Most of these Orders are simply missing a book and page number from the Registry of Deeds. If you received or receive a letter of Notice of Responsibility, please check your records for the Order.

  1. The Middlesex South Registry of Deeds page has all the information you will need in order to get the book and page. Please visit that site at There are specific instructions as to how to record your Order there.
  2. Once you obtain the book and page numbers, you may send it to the Conservation Department and request a Certificate of Compliance. The Certificate of Compliance is the document that is necessary should a Title Search indicate an outstanding Order.

If you have other outstanding issues, please refer to your Order and complete any obligations under the Order, present them to the Department along with proof all work has been completed (An ‘As Built Plan’), to the satisfaction of the Order of Conditions, and request your Certificate of Compliance.