Bone Density Screening

Published April 30, 2003 | Council on Aging | Automatically Archived on 5/22/2003

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On Thursday, May 22, Joan Metcalfe, a well-known local speaker on osteoporosis, will visit to conduct bone density screenings using a portable machine that scans the heel bone. This test is non-invasive, and does not hurt. You just have to remove your socks and shoes. This test takes approximately ten (10) minutes, so appointments will be necessary. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate “walk-ins”. Appointments will start on May 22 at 12 noon and will end at 2:50 pm. So please call the Senior Center to schedule your appointment. If all appointment slots get filled up, don’t despair. We will be conducting a Health Fair in the fall, and bone density screening, as well as blood glucose, cholesterol, and blood pressure checks will be offered. If you are screened for osteoporosis in May, you do not need to be re-screened again in the fall. Please bring your physician’s address, as bone density test results will be mailed to him/her. We hope you will be able to join us.