Community Preservation Committee Public Forum

Published December 8, 2004 | Community Preservation Committee | Automatically Archived on 12/17/2004

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The CPC will be conducting a Public Forum on Wednesday, December 15, 2004, at 7:30 P.M. at the Lower Town Hall, to discuss the list of semi-finalist projects for funding under the Community Preservation Act.

The finalists include the following projects:
1. Acquisition of Libby property
2. Affordable unit buy downs in pending c.40B development
3. Extension of Housing Authority 2003 TM Article
4. Feasibility Study for Rail Trail
5. Purchase/Installation of dock for Willis Pond
6. Environmental Study of Willis Pond
7. Davis Field Restoration, Phase I
8. Hosmer House Restoration Phase II
9. Historic Structures survey

At the conclusion of the public forum, the CPC will select project finalists and will begin work on a budget proposal and drafting warrant articles for presentation at the 2005 Annual Town Meeting. All recommendations for funding will require approval at Town Meeting. All expenditures will come from the Community Preservation Act fund. The Community Preservation Act fund currently has approximately $2,800,000 on reserve and approximately $1,800,000 in additional funds are expected in 2005.