Fiscal Year 2011 Summer Paving Program

Published July 22, 2010 | Department of Public Works | Automatically Archived on 7/30/2010

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 You will notice on some streets that water structures and manholes are being raised this week in preparation for paving under the Chapter 90 program (see below). This is in anticipation of starting on Monday, July 19. The list of streets is as follows:

Gerry Drive

Washbrook Road

Pine Ridge Road

Village Road  (complete)

Thompson Drive (complete)

Bishop Lane (complete)

Jack Pine Drive

Red Oak Drive

Pantry Road  (complete)

Dakin Road  (complete)

Emerson Way  (complete)

Victoria Road

Griscom Road

Walker Farm Road  (complete)

Allen Place

Bradley Place

Singletary Lane

Massasoit Avenue

Franklin Place

This notice will be updated accordingly as paving progresses.

State Chapter 90 Funds Road Paving Project

Q.        What is the Chapter 90 Program?

A.            The Chapter 90 Program was enacted on March 23, 1973, by vote of the Public Works Commission to entitle municipalities to reimbursement of documented expenditures under the provisions of General Laws, Chapter 90, Section 34, Clause 2(a) on approved Projects. The Funds provided from Transportation Bond Issues authorizes Capital Improvement Projects for Highway Construction, Preservation and Improvement Projects that create or extend the life of Capital Facilities.  Funds must be allocated to roadway projects, such as resurfacing and related work (the minimum for resurfacing shall be 3/4" course with a continuous length of 500') and other work incidental to the above such as preliminary engineering including State Aid/Consultant Design Agreements, right-of-way acquisition, shoulders, side road approaches, landscaping and tree planting, roadside drainage, structures (including bridges), sidewalks, traffic control and service facilities, street lighting (excluding operating costs), and for such other purposes as the Department may specifically authorize.

Q.        Can these funds be used for other purposes besides road work?

A.         No, these grant funds from the state are limited to projects approved by Massachusetts Highway division of the Department of Transportation.  

Q.        How does the state determine how much money each town/city will receive?

A.         The state uses a formula that factors in a community’s road miles for accepted roads (58.33%); population (20.83%) and employment (20.83%) using data from other state departments.