MDPH EEE Aerial Spraying Completed – Update 9/17/2019

Published September 10, 2019 | Health Department | Updated September 17, 2019 | Automatically Archived on 9/25/2019

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Residents are asked to visit the Sudbury Health Department web page for more information on EEE including FAQ’s, Prevention Tips, Fact Sheets and more. 

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Update for 09/17/2019
EEE Aerial spraying conducted by the MDPH and MDAR was completed on Sunday September 15th. Please see Website Map to observe the Aqua and Grey colored areas were spraying areas completed on Sept. 14th and 15th.

Update for 09/15/2019
Aerial spraying for Sudbury was done on Saturday night.  Aqua area on map was done on September 14th 2019.    

Update for 09/12/2019
Aerial spraying was done in portions Worcester and Norfolk Counties last night.    

Update for 09/11/2019
Truck Mounted Spraying that was scheduled for last night in the southern portion of Sudbury has been completed.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has mandated EEE aerial spraying for all critical risk communities. Sudbury is considered critical risk and aerial spraying in these communities will commence this evening (Tuesday Sept, 10 2019) at dusk. Spraying is scheduled for 5 to 6 days throughout the targeted communities. Because there are 57 towns involved in this effort, the MDPH and the Massachusetts Dept. of Agriculture cannot pinpoint what communities will be sprayed on what days. The Aerial Spraying Website map will be updated daily.

Please call the following numbers for inquiries about spraying 617-626-1700 and 617-983-6800.

All residents are encouraged to continue adhering to all advisories that have been in place since the EEE outbreak.

Link to MDHP announcement for Critical and High Risk Communities


Sudbury residents who did not receive Emergency notification from the town about spraying, please call the Sudbury Police Department at (978) 443-1042 or fill out the SMART911 Form to register for Town Wide Emergency Calls. 

For residents who would like to receive Email notifications from specific departments, please click on this link: Department Notifications