New Telephone System for the Fairbank, Town Hall and Flynn Buildings

Published February 9, 2007 | Information Systems | Automatically Archived on 3/2/2007

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A new VOIP telephone system has been installed in the Fairbank, Town Hall and Flynn Buildings. The main numbers to the Park and Recreation/Atkinson Pool, Flynn Building/Town Hall, Senior Center and K-8 School Administration Offices have remained the same. Phone extensions are now 4 digits long. In most cases a 3 was added to the beginning of the old extension.

Each department now has a telephone number which will connect you directly to the department. A listing of all town office numbers are on the website at The main telephone numbers will still have Auto Attendants which will guide you to the person you would like to speak to.

A number of new information lines have been setup for your convenience.

Park and Recreation / Atkinson Pool

Atkinson Pool Hours of Operation and Pool Schedule:  978-639-3236
Recreation Hours and Operation and Directions:  978-639-3235
Recreation / Pool Inclement Weather Information:  978-639-3233
Recreation Field Closing Updates:  978-639-3234

Sudbury Senior Center

Senior General Information Line:  978-639-3275
Senior Program Cancellations:  978-639-3276
Senior Trip Information Line:  978-639-3277
Senior Lunch Menus:  978-639-3278

Sudbury Public Schools Administration K-8

School Inclement Weather Information:  978-639-3285
Student Registration Information Line:  978-639-3286

Assessors Office — General Information:  978-639-3330

Treasurer / Collector’s Office — General Information:  978-639-3331

New telephone numbers have been added for the following:

Sudbury F.I.S.H.:  978-443-2145
Sudbury Commission on Disability:  978-639-3265
Sudbury Dog Officer:  978-639-3361

If you have any problems with the new phone system or have any suggestions for making your telephone experience a better one, email us at [email protected]