Sudbury Video TourBook

Published April 8, 2009 | Information Systems | Updated November 21, 2014 | Automatically Archived on 7/1/2009

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How familiar are you with your town? Do you know who your business neighbors are? Ever wonder what exactly there is to do in Sudbury? Rediscover Sudbury by logging onto our official website and checking out an exciting new addition:

High-quality streaming videos showcasing the many advantages Sudbury has to offer its residents. These cutting edge videos were produced by CGI Communications at no cost to the Town. They are supported by local business sponsors, and cover a wide range of topics, including education, health care, recreation, tourist attractions and more. Additional videos highlighting the businesses of the sponsors of this program can be found around the outside of the Town’s videos with links to the websites of those businesses. (Please note: the Town does not endorse any of these sponsors, but is pleased to be able to provide these links to our local businesses to emphasize the Shop Sudbury first campaign).

Don’t miss out! Get to know Sudbury all over again. Go to and enjoy quality videos that are sharp, fresh and innovative.