Introducing Content Updates

Content Updates let you receive daily email messages that summarize new or updated news stories, documents, and meetings from specific committees, departments, or the front page.

To sign up for updates for the front page or for several departments and committees:

  1. Click the (Content Updates) icon in the primary menu:
  2. Click the Front Page and Departments tab or the Committees tab.
  3. Fill out the form and select the individual departments or committees to receive.
  4. Click the Subscribe button.

To sign up for updates for a single department or committee:

  1. Visit the department or committee whose updates you want to receive.
  2. Click the — Subscribe to Content Updates link in the department or committee description, or the Content Updates icon at the bottom of the Contact section:
  3. Fill out the form and click the Subscribe button.

If you are already subscribed to other departments or other committees, you’ll receive a message indicating that when you click the Subscribe button. Follow the instructions to change your existing subscription, then while updating your subscription preferences, add the new department or committee that you want to receive.

To change your subscription, either click the update your preferences link from a previously-received email message, or try to sign up using your existing email address, then click the Click here to update your profile link that appears to send a verification email message, then click the Update your preferences link in that email message. You can then change which departments or committees you want to receive, or unsubscribe.