Register to Record Your 2020 Town Meeting Presentation

Because of time constraints, all Town Meeting Article Presentations will be prerecorded by SudburyTV and available on the Town’s website.

Schedule a time with SudburyTV, during the week of August 17th through August 21st to record your article presentation.

To book a time slot for your presentation:

  1. Visit:
  2. Click the Select A Date button.
  3. Find a time slot and click the Tickets button.
  4. Click the Register button.
  5. Complete the form to indicate the presentation name, format, and the presenter.  You’ll have 1 hour to finish the form and keep the reserved time slot.
  6. After completing the form, you’ll receive a confirmation email message from “Eventbrite” <[email protected]> with subject line “Order Confirmation for Sudbury Annual Town Meeting Presentations 2020”.  Reply to this email message and attach your presentation files.
  7. SudburyTV will use the email address and phone number you provide to contact you with a Zoom virtual meeting invitation for the time slot chosen.

If you have any questions about this process please contact the Information Systems department at [email protected] or 978-639-3307.