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The entire Sudbury site is now run over an encryption technology called SSL. SSL verifies the identity of this website as truly being and it encrypts all your communications with the site so that nobody can see information that gets passed back and forth between you and the website.

This is great and important part of the modern internet where both security and privacy are major concerns, however it does cause some problems when trying to use certain resources. For example: The WordPress administration has a feature that allows you to use extra internal applications that are not part of the WordPress system. It does this by loading that application in a frame… however, if that application doesn’t support the same security protocols as the WordPress Administration page then the application won’t load and you will see a screen telling you about the problem.


Solution 1: Simply to click the ‘Load In New Tab’ Link to load the application up over regular HTTP outside of the WordPress administration environment.


Solution 2: Google Chrome Only, not recommended: If you are using Google Chrome you can click the shield icon that shows up in the top right corner and click the ‘load unsafe script’ link. This will tell chrome that it is OK to load the application without SSL