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Logging In

To login to your department or committee’s website you will need to have a user account on the website. Click here to open to the login page in a new tab.

Once you have entered your username and password you will be brought to either

  • The Dashboard of your default department or committee
  • A page showing the sites you have access to
    • Select the department or committee you would like to go to by clicking it’s “dashboard” link

Now that you are logged in you can utilize the Town of Sudbury’s website administration tools.

What password to use?

The account types differ slightly if you are a town employee or not.  This section describes the type of account you might have depending on whether you are a town employee or a committee member

Town Employees

If you are a town employee with a user account for logging in to the town’s computers then Information Systems will link your Website account directly to your Town Account. You will use the same username and password when logging into the town website.

Non-Town Employees

If you are a committee member, or do not qualify for a network account with the Town of Sudbury, Information Systems will provision an independent account on the website.