Lincoln Meadows Conservation Land

Published June 5, 2014 | Sudbury | Updated October 2, 2017

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lincolnmeadows_thThe 78-acre Lincoln Meadows Conservation Reservation located in the northeastern corner of Sudbury Is part of a large, unspoiled 1080-acre area In the Sudbury River Valley. This area includes of the Great Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary (U.S. Department of Interior), the Pantry Brook Reservation (Massachusetts Fish and Game Division), and Round Hill (Sudbury Valley Trustees), all of which are contiguous.

Round Hill was purchased in 1964 by the Sudbury Valley Trustees, Inc., a private land trust. A glacial remnant of the Ice Age, it stands at an elevation of 227 feet above sea level and is the most prominent geological feature of the area. Lincoln Meadows, purchased by the Town of Sudbury in two parcels in 1965 and 1971, is located at the base of Round Hill. Lincoln Meadows and the surrounding areas include fields, marsh, woodland, ponds and streams.

Both Lincoln Meadows and Round Hill are managed by the Sudbury Conservation Commission for quiet recreational use by the public, and are subject to the regulations adopted by the Commission. Trails shown on the map are marked. They connect with trails or roads in other conservation areas.

The Sudbury Community Gardens and an experimental program for viticulture exist within Lincoln Meadows.

Many kinds of plants and small animals are found in the wetland and upland terrain of Lincoln Meadow. It is situated in a major flyway where migratory birds can be observed in Spring and Fall. Add to these the beautiful views, and you have reason to visit Lincoln Meadows often. Lincoln Meadows provides an open-space area where nature can be observed and enjoyed by all for generations to come. Please carry out everything you bring in.

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