Maynard Road Walkway Under Construction

Published August 22, 2000 | Planning & Community Development | Automatically Archived on 9/8/2000

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Driving down Maynard Road you will see a work crew preparing for the construction of a new walkway from Fairbank Road to Martin Drive. It may be confusing to the residents of this stretch of roadway, who thought that the walkway would be built on the south side of the street. After inspecting the length of the roadway, it was decided to switch sides since it can be built wholly within the right-of-way and require no easements from abutters, and will require less environmental damage. The good news is that this walkway is being built with no public funds. A local developer, John Cutting, agreed to construct the walkway in lieu of walkways in his latest development at the end of Taintor Road. Since there are no walkways on Taintor Drive, nor throughout the entire Bowker area, it was agreed that continuing the construction of a walkway along Maynard Road (which incidentally was also constructed by a local developer, Bob Quirk, as a condition of the Willis Hills subdivision) was a good solution. We can expect it to be finished this fall. Cross walks will be painted across Maynard Road in locations to be determined by the DPW Department.