Information on affordable housing and 40B housing in Sudbury

Published November 25, 2008 | Planning & Community Development | Automatically Archived on 8/31/2009

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Some Sudbury residents received a mass mailing recently from the Massachusetts Slow Growth Initiative reporting information on 40B housing and its costs to the Town.  Much of this information is incorrect, and some clarifications might be helpful using current information on regulations and status of projects in Sudbury.

  • Sudbury has approximately 5600 housing units.  Our 10% goal is 560 units of afforable housing.  We already have 269 affordable units,as counted by the State Department of Housing and Community Development, and are 289 short of the 10% state mandate.  The number of new affordable housing units has increased by 51 units over the last three years due to public and private (40B) projects.

  • State regulations note that while appropriate density depends on many site-specific factors, a density of 8 units per acre is appropriate for a Town like Sudbury with no public sewage . To date, no Sudbury 40B projects have been approved with greater than 8 units/acre.

  • Large scale commercial development is not permitted in a 40B.  40B is for residential development.  Small, accessory commercial uses may be allowed in a 40B if the community so choses.  In addition, Sudbury’s land constraints (septic and wetlands) significantly deter development of any large super-store (Walmart). .

  • Sudbury continues to work with the State to improve and enhance the state affordable housing regulations and guidelines, and some of our suggestions have already been included in recent amendments. 

  • To get Sudbury specific facts on affordable housing and the Town’s efforts, go to