Town Center Intersection Plan Ready for Funding

Published February 20, 2013 | Planning & Community Development | Automatically Archived on 7/1/2013

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An article has been submitted by the Selectmen for the 2013 Annual Town Meeting to fund the reconstruction of the Sudbury Town Center intersection, at the crossroads of Old Sudbury Road, Hudson Road and Concord Road. This intersection has been the subject of study by the Sudbury Center Improvement Advisory Committee, appointed by the Selectmen, since 2006. The group was charged with assessing the condition of the town center, including all infrastructure, roadways, utilities, pedestrian improvements, historical components, landscaping, landscape architecture and any other physical features found in the town center area, in order to increase the safety of the intersection of Concord Road and Old Sudbury/Hudson Road, and to enhance opportunities for recreational and cultural use as appropriate, while preserving the historical character of the area.

After years of study, the favored plan will be discussed at Town Meeting with the recommendation to fund its implementation, at an estimated cost of $1.8 million. Tax payers will be asked to shoulder approximately $700,000 of this cost, with the remaining funds coming from the Town's allocation of Chapter 90 State Roadway Funds ($1 million) and Community Preservation Act funds ($100,000).

Engineered plans of the intersection can be viewed here. Sudbury Center Intersection Plan – Engineered

Plans that are easier to read can be viewed here. Sudbury Center Intersection Plan – Schematic 2013

Schematic images of what the intersection may look like after construction can be viewed here.

Town Center FAQs can be accessed here.

Additional information can be obtained by contacting Jody Kablack, Director of Planning and Community Development at 978-639-3387, or Bill Place, Public Works Director at 978-443-2209, ext. 1389.