Landham Brook Marsh (Johnson Farm) Conservation Land Update

Published May 28, 2015 | Planning & Community Development | Automatically Archived on 9/12/2015

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The Town and Sudbury Valley Trustees have been working together on the development plan for the newly named Landham Brook Marsh conservation land (aka Johnson Farm), with the goal of opening this new conservation area to the public in 2015.

The Conservation Commission voted in May to name the property Landham Brook Marsh, as this significant natural feature creates the northern boundary of the property.

With the purchase of the land completed in February, creating a usable conservation area is the next priority.  A small parking area has been staked out at the northeastern corner of the property (near Stagecoach Lane), and the Sudbury Department of Public Works will begin clearing this area in preparation for construction of an unpaved parking area which is expected to hold about 5 cars.

Next step is for a trail or system of trails to be laid out by the Conservation Commission and SVT which will connect to the adjacent SVT Lyons Cutler Reservation. Trail construction will occur later this summer or fall.

For anyone not familiar with this project, the conservation purchase did not include 2 one-acre lots along Landham Road, which will be developed into single family dwellings. One house is currently under construction. The second house will be located in the vicinity of the existing house at 189 Landham Road after its demolition.

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