Nixon School Incident Update

Published November 5, 2010 | Police Department | Automatically Archived on 11/30/2010

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After ensuring the safety of students/staff at Nixon School yesterday an investigation began into the origin/intent of the suspect document branching in several directions.  Fortunately, an astute parent of a student at Nixon thought several comments made by their child were odd and began to delve deeper.  Eventually it became clear their child may have been the author of the document, therefore school officials were contacted forthwith, and they in turn relayed the information to the Police Department.  Upon further investigation it became evident the document had indeed been produced by the student.  No further information regarding the student will be released due to the student’s juvenile status.

The manner in which the document was constructed as well as the language contained therein, along with other factors brought to our attention, forced us to consider the strong possibility that the source may not be a student.  Our original assessment led us to believe the threat may be viable. As a result of our follow up investigation we now believe there was never and still remains no viable threat to students/staff. 

The safety and welfare of the students was and is our foremost concern while assessing any actions taken.  Although the threats contained in the document were strongly worded there was nothing specific as to the means that may be used to carry them out.  As a result, multiple precautions were taken to include the use of a Massachusetts State Police bomb sniffing canine to ensure the safety of the building for students to return.

While moving to the conclusion of the investigation we continue to consult with the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office to determine the appropriate outcome.



Sudbury Police Department