Subcommittee A (PTERC) Final Report

Published October 23, 2003 | Property Tax Equity Review Committee | Updated November 7, 2014 | Automatically Archived on 12/31/2003

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Demographic trends suggest taxes among a number of influences on senior housing decisions.

Subcommittee A finds no conclusive evidence in the demographic trends of Sudbury’s senior citizens over the period from 1980 to 2002 to suggest that recent increases in property taxes, (or changes in any other single factor), have altered the behavior of senior residents to either remain in, or move from Sudbury during the study period.

This said, Subcommittee A believes that property taxes are among a number of influences that have a significant impact on senior housing decisions. Additionally, the rapid increase in property taxes in Sudbury in recent years have certainly impacted all residents, regardless of age, living on a modest incomes and who do not have the financial assets to otherwise compensate for these rising costs.

Subcommittee A believes that these circumstances create a compelling need to develop and promote programs that provide appropriate relief to Sudbury residents based on a their financial need.

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