Letter of Appreciation

Published December 15, 2010 | Select Board | Automatically Archived on 12/24/2010

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 Thank you to Sudbury employees,

We would like to recognize and thank all the public employees for the tremendous and heartfelt effort put forth by so many over the past week to ensure that 1Lt. Scott Milley’s sacrifice for his country was properly honored by Sudbury, and that his family was shown all the support and love we could give at their time of unbearable sorrow.   Many Town and L-S staff volunteered their personal time in a selfless act that made sure we had the capacity to handle the thousands of people who came to pay respects to the Milley family between Thursday December 9 and Saturday December 11. 

Chief Rick Glavin, Lt. Scott Nix, and all the men and women of the Sudbury Police Department:  you provided escort services for 1Lt. Milley, so that he was always traveling as an honored fallen soldier, you created a safe environment for everyone who stood and bore witness to the return of Scott to Sudbury on Thursday, for the 5,000+ visitors who paid respect to the Milley family during the wake on Friday, and for those who attended the funeral and burial on Saturday.  Your attention to detail was remarkable. 

Chief Ken MacLean and all the men of the Sudbury Fire Department: you worked tirelessly to be sure the American flag was flown proudly each step of the way.  With the Town’s ladder truck you put up the American Flag over Concord Road at Town Centre for Scott’s journey back to Sudbury on Thursday, as well as at the cemetery for his burial, creating one of the most moving tributes to 1Lt. Milley.  You were part of the public safety presence that provided Sudbury’s message of honor and respect.

DPW Director William Place and the employees of the Public Works Department: you readied the New Town Cemetery so that over 1,500 mourners could walk into the Cemetery from an entrance that had not previously been used.  The setting was beautiful and moving. 

Brian Stearns, our Veteran’s Agent:  you worked with the Army and other entities closely coordinating our Town efforts and explaining the intricacies of a military funeral to us, and helped keep us in communication with the Milley family, so we could be sure everything we did met with the family’s approval. 

Scott Carpenter, Eleanor Burke, Kevin Rossley and the entire L-S staff.   Your efforts made the wake and the funeral services so beautiful and trouble free.  You worked to meet every need expressed by the family, the Army, the funeral home, and Town staff.  You showed your compassion not only to the Milley family but to all the visitors to your facility, providing for their comfort and needs.  

Many others helped in so many ways, particularly Maryanne Bilodeau, Assistant Town Manager, for assisting with the many dignitaries who attended the wake and funeral, and Mark Thompson, the Town’s IT Director, who helped the Selectmen’s Office post key information on the Town’s web site about the procession on Thursday, the wake on Friday and the funeral on Saturday.  Our community efforts felt coordinated because people had the information they needed on where and when to be present. 

There were so many in the community who donated services, materials, efforts, and time as part of these three days and, if we tried to list them here, we would inadvertently overlook someone important. Please know we extend our sincerest gratitude for your efforts working with the Town, L-S and Duckett’s Funeral Home over last week.  That kind of volunteerism and community service is what Sudbury is all about.

Over the next week, we will be formally thanking our neighboring towns, who immediately volunteered to help us in any way they could, as well as other entities who contributed and helped the community of Sudbury successfully channel all of our respect and love for our neighbors – the Milley family.

Steven, Janice, Steven Jr. and Ashley Milley, please accept our most sincere and deeply heartfelt respect for the sacrifice your son and family has made for our nation and our community.   May he rest in peace.  


John Drobinski, Selectman;

Larry O’Brien, Selectman;

Bob Haarde, Selectman;

Maureen Valente, Town Manager