Help Plan Sudbury’s 375th Anniversary

Published September 17, 2012 | Select Board | Automatically Archived on 10/2/2012

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With the approval of the Board of Selectmen, a Mission Statement was created to form the Sudbury Celebrates 375/Sudbury Day Committee. We are officially kicking off a campaign to recruit resident volunteers for the Committee to gather ideas, plan events and, most importantly, celebrate Sudbury’s history.  This will be a major undertaking and many hands will be needed to make it all happen.  Officially, Sudbury commemorates its 375th year of incorporation on September 4, 2014. 

In 1989, when Sudbury turned 350, it was a tremendously successful event and we have the evidence to prove it – pictures, reports, and perhaps even some films.  If this sounds exciting, interesting and important to you as a resident, we hope to hear from you.  Let’s give Sudbury a 375th party to remember!   Please complete an Application for Appointment form and forward it to [email protected] .  We’ll take it from there.