Town Warrant and Town Report Delivered Soon

Published March 4, 2008 | Select Board's Office | Updated November 7, 2014 | Automatically Archived on 4/12/2008

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The 2008 Town Meeting Warrant and the 2007 Town Report are traveling together and will be hand delivered by the Boy Scouts. Because this literature is published within days of each other, it makes sense that they be delivered at the same time.

Starting this weekend (March 2nd and 3rd) and ending on March 23rd, the publications will be dropped at each household. Keep an eye out for them!

In the 2008 Warrant, see and read the Ballot Questions that will be before you at the Town Election (March 31) and take time to study the 38 articles that comprise this year’s Town Meeting (April 7).

The 2007 Town Report gives an historical report of the Boards, Committees and Departments that make up and serve the Town of Sudbury – along with great drawings and photos submitted by Sudbury school children and your fellow residents.

If you would like to download the Town Report or the Town Warrant, click on the links below:

Sudbury 2007 Town Report
Sudbury April 2008 Town Warrant

Warrants will also be available at the Town Clerk’s Office, and Selectmen’s Office.