Special Meeting Of The Sudbury Water District

Published October 15, 2009 | Select Board's Office | Automatically Archived on 10/16/2009

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Pursuant to Chapter 100 of the Acts of 1934, the Sudbury Water District will hold a special meeting of the District on Thursday, October 15, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. at the Sudbury Senior Center, 40 Fairbank Road, Sudbury, Massachusetts to see if the District will vote to permit the ratification and authorization of the settlement of a lawsuit entitled Sudbury Water District v. Douglas J. Macone, Middlesex Superior Court Civil Action No. 2005-02372, including the exchange of a portion of the land owned by the District on Concord Road, Sudbury for land owned by Mr. Macone at 1030 Concord Road, Sudbury, and an access and utilities easement over Mr. Macone’s property as more fully described in the Agreed Terms of Settlement on file at the District’s offices at 199 Raymond Road, Sudbury and to authorize such other and further actions necessary to effectuate settlement terms. 

The Agreed Terms of Settlement may be reviewed during business hours at the District’s offices and include sketches showing the land to be conveyed by each party, provisions to facilitate a potential well site on the land to be conveyed to the District, provisions for location of pipes and a pumping station, an indemnification of the District, mutual releases between the parties, a requirement for approval by a special meeting of the District and other provisions. 

All legal voters residing within the District are entitled to vote at the meeting.