Sudbury Receives $250,000 Department of Energy Resources Grant

Published July 15, 2014 | Town Manager | Automatically Archived on 7/29/2014

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The Department of Energy Resources (DOER) Green Communities Division has approved a Competitive Grant award of $250,000 to fund the four projects below.


$50,000 for Lincoln-Sudbury Regional H.S. – Replace parking lot and exterior lights with LEDs

This project will reduce Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School’s annual electrical consumption and maintenance costs by replacing the parking lot and outside building lights with efficient and long lived LED units.


$168,000 for Town wide – LED streetlights

This project will reduce Sudbury’s annual electrical consumption and maintenance costs by replacing high pressure sodium streetlights with efficient and long-lived LED units.


$9,000 for Goodnow Library – Retrocommissioning

This project will reduce Goodnow Public Library’s thermal and electrical usage. The retro-commissioning will witness, test and verify the library’s HVAC systems with regard to temperature and in accordance with design and needs of the occupants. 


$23,000 for Fairbank Community Center – Replace rooftop unit
This project will replace the Roof Top Unit (RTU) at Sudbury’s Fairbank Community Center multi-purpose room with a new energy efficient heating and air conditioning unit. This will improve energy efficiency and performance and increase the user’s comfort of the conditioned space.


The competitive grants were open to municipalities currently designated “Green Communities.” Sudbury applied for $250,000 in grants and was awarded the full amount. Please join us in congratulating the Facilities and Engineering Departments as well as Energy and Sustainability Committee on their work which won this crucial funding.