Camp Sewataro Property Information


Sewataro Open House on Saturday, November 16

On Saturday, November 16, 2019 from 1PM-3PM, Sewataro will be hosting an open house. Residents are invited to stop by to take a tour, play some basketball or tennis, or drop a line in the fishing pond! Remember to bring your own balls, rackets and poles, and please note that pets are not permitted on the property.


Purchase Update 10/29/19

The Town closed on the purchase of the Camp Sewataro property on Monday, October 28, 2019. Details on public access are expected to be released soon. For now, the property remains closed to visitors.


Public Access Update 10/24/19

The Town expects to close on the purchase of the Camp Sewataro property soon. We are excited to begin enjoying the grounds, however safety and security preparations must be completed prior to the property being open for public access. The Town and camp operator will be working to have these improvements completed as quickly as possible in the coming weeks.

Please watch the Town’s website and Camp Sewataro page for the latest updates.


Contract Update 9/13/19

On September 10, 2019, the Board of Selectmen voted to enter into a Day Camp Operator and Management of Real Property contract with Camp Sewataro, LLC (Manager Scott Brody). Please click below to view the contract and supporting exhibits.

Sewataro Camp Operator Contract – Executed, without exhibits

Exhibit 1: Sewataro Camp Operator Contract

Exhibits 2-6: Sewataro Camp Operator Contract


RFP Update 8/21/19

The Board of Selectmen voted on August 20, 2019 to authorize the Town Manager to enter into negotiations with Scott Brody of K&E Camp Corporation for the Management of Camp Sewataro contract.


RFP Update 8/19/19

On Monday, August 5, the Town received three (3) proposals in response to the Management of Camp Sewataro RFP. The proposals were evaluated by Facilities, Finance, Health, Planning, Park & Rec and Town Manager on Thursday, August 8. Based on the evaluations, a recommendation was made to the Board of Selectmen on August 8. The Board will meet on Tuesday, August 20 to vote on whether or not to authorize the Town Manager to enter into negotiations with the selected respondent.

RFP Documents (please click hyperlink to view)


RFP Update: An RFP for Management of Camp Sewataro was issued on July 10, 2019. Click here to learn more.


Flashvote Results Update: A Flashvote poll on the future uses of Camp Sewataro was conducted from Monday, June 24-26. The results are here:


Election Update: Acquisition of Camp Sewataro passed at the Special Town Election on June 4, 2019. Click here for the Election Results.

Acquisition of the Camp Sewataro property was on the June 4, 2019 Special Town Election ballot.


RFP Update: On Tuesday, May 14, the Board of Selectmen supported the Town Manager’s recommendation to release an Request for Proposals in order to secure a camp operator for the Summer of 2020.


Update 5/20/19: A Public Forum on Camp Sewataro has been scheduled for Tuesday, May 28, 2019, starting at 7PM in Town Hall, 322 Concord Rd. It will begin the Board of Selectmen’s meeting agenda. Please click here for the flier.


FlashVote Update: Based on the advice of Counsel, the Town will wait until after the June 4 Election to conduct a FlashVote poll regarding Camp Sewataro. We look forward to learning more about what the community envisions for the site in early June.


Update 5/17/19: An Open House & Property Walk will be held at Camp Sewataro on Saturday, May 25, 2019, from 11AM – 1PM. Please click below for the Sewataro Property Walk flier.


Update 5/9/19: This Sewataro Acquisition Info Sheet provides information regarding the proposed Camp Sewataro property acquisition question on the June 4, 2019 Special Town Election ballot.


Update 5/7/19: Article 25: Camp Sewataro Acquisition passed at Town Meeting on Tuesday, May 7, 2019. The acquisition will be voted on at Special Town Election on Tuesday, June 4, 2019.

Please click below for the Town Meeting Presentation made by Town Manager Melissa Rodrigues.


Update 5/3/19: Letter from the Taylor Family to the Board of Selectmen concerning the sale of Camp Sewataro. Click here for the Taylor Family Letter to the Board of Selectmen – May 3, 2019.


Update 5/1/19: Town Manager Melissa Rodrigues gave a presentation regarding the proposed Camp Sewataro purchase at last night’s Board of Selectmen Meeting. Click here for the Camp Sewataro Presentation – April 30, 2019.


Update 4/26/19: Please click here to view the Camp Sewataro Statement of Profit and Loss.


Update 4/22/19: The owners of Camp Sewataro will be hosting guided walks for any resident interested in a tour of the camp property on the following dates:

  • Saturday, April 27 at 2PM
  • Sunday, April 28 at 10AM and 2PM


Update 4/18/19: The Board of Selectmen entered into a letter of intent with the owners of Liberty Ledge LLC. to purchase the land known as Camp Sewataro. See the Sudbury Enters into Agreement to Purchase Land at Camp Sewataro press release for details.

See the Letter of Intent to purchase the Camp Sewataro land, signed by the Board of Selectmen on April 18, 2019.

The Appraisal Report prepared by LandVest, Inc., dated February 20, 2019 is now available. See Sewataro Appraisal Report #10520 for the full report.


Update 3/27/19: The Board of Selectmen met on Tuesday, March 26, 2019 and voted to submit a bid in response to the Camp Sewataro RFP.


Camp Sewataro is a summer day camp located at 1 Liberty Ledge in Sudbury. It sits on approximately 46 acres and will celebrate its 60th anniversary in the Summer of 2019. Sewataro’s owners plan to cease operation of the camp program in the coming years, and they have placed the property on the market.


Camp Sewataro Timeline

In Fall 2018, the owners of Camp Sewataro approached the Town of Sudbury to inform the Town that they planned to sell the property in the Spring of 2019.  In past years, other options for the property had been explored, including Community Preservation Committee (CPC) applications for the purchase of restrictions or development rights. 

Upon hearing of the potential sale, the Town Manager submitted a CPC application for the May 2019 Town Meeting.

During Goal Setting, the Board of Selectmen set a goal to work on the Camp Sewataro acquisition in 2019.  They wanted to consider this item at the October 2019 Town Meeting. 

After conversations with the property’s broker, the Town learned that the property would be sold as part of a competitive Request for Proposals (RFP) Process.  The timeline set by the property owner would require action at the May 2019 Town Meeting.

The Board of Selectmen submitted a placeholder warrant article for the acquisition of Camp Sewataro for the 2019 Annual Town Meeting.

Over the winter, the Town received the appraisal on the property as well as a copy of the RFP.

In March, the Board of Selectmen will need to review pertinent information and make a determination on whether to make an offer for the property. 

The RFP responses were due by March 25, 2019.


Camp Sewataro Description

Camp Sewataro is a summer day camp. The camp plans to run its normal operations this summer and possibly in the summer of 2020 as well. The camp consists of approximately 46 acres located at 1 Liberty Ledge, just southwest of the intersection of Haynes Road and North Road.  The camp operates under a Special Permit granted by the Town of Sudbury’s Zoning Board of Appeals.  The Special Permit would require a compliance review by the Zoning Board of Appeals under new ownership. Camp Sewataro was founded in the 1960’s by Alba Taylor, her father Franklin Secatore, and two siblings. Today, the camp is owned by Alba’s husband, Bill Dowie, and Alba’s children, Mark, Rob, and Chris Taylor. According to Mark Taylor, the camp, which started with 25 campers, now provides programming for more than 1200 campers each summer between the ages 4 to 14. The camp is popular with families in Sudbury, nearby towns, and as far as Boston and Wellesley. 

The property is located in the Single Residence A Zoning District. There are two wetlands located on the site, both of which are ponds that comprise approximately 3.2 acres. The property contains multiple camp buildings and accessory structures as well as three residences. The total building square footage amounts to 30,400 square feet. In addition to the two lakes, the property has 4 outdoor pools, two basketball courts, two tennis courts, a horseback riding arena, two soccer fields, one lacrosse field, and one softball diamond, as well as various other activity spots. There are 25 buildings across the site, some of which are sheds.

The Planning Board approved a subdivision for the property in 1998 for 31 residential building lots. That subdivision plan has since expired because certain conditions were not met. We are under the assumption the subdivision plan could be approved again or the permit life of the decision could be extended by the Planning Board. The current property is comprised of 33 separately assessed lots, 31 of which are buildable. The total Fiscal Year 2019 assessed value is $11,269,700. The property taxes paid in FY19 will total $201,840.


Land Protection in Sudbury

To manage land preservation and protection, the Town of Sudbury created the 2009-2013 Open Space and Recreation Plan to identify priority parcels for preservation and guide future town planning efforts. As part of the new Master Planning process, an updated Open Space plan is underway.

If open space or otherwise valuable parcels come onto the market, there are several ways for the Town of Sudbury to help preserve and protect them. These include finding a preservation-minded buyer for the property, utilizing cluster zoning to preserve open space while also allowing for development, purchasing a conservation easement to limit potential development, or outright purchase by the Town or a conservation entity (such as Sudbury Valley Trustees).