Free Transfer Station Permits For New Users

Published March 16, 2012 | Transfer Station / Recycling Center | Automatically Archived on 3/23/2012

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For the first time, Sudbury is offering 'NEW-USER residents the opportunity to try the Recycling and Transfer Station (RTS) free for three months. As an incentive, residents will receive a starter package of yellow ‘pay-per-throw’ bags and a handy RTS user guide, making it easy to begin using the station immediately. All of this is part of the New-User Program to encourage more residents to take advantage of the RTS resources.

The purpose of the New-User Program is to encourage residents who now use commercial collection services to become familiar with the excellent Sudbury recycling facility. By using the RTS, residents will learn how they can save up to 50% over commercial services.

The Town will be holding three information sessions for residents who would like to learn more about the New-User Program. The sessions are free to all residents who do not currently have a permit. The introductory sessions will be held at the Sudbury Community Center (the Senior Center) on: Tuesday, March 27 and Thursday, March 29, at 7:30 PM, and Saturday, March 31 at 10:00 AM. Applications for the free 3-month permit will be available. The program will last about 45 minutes and speakers will explain how to establish a home recycling program and how the Recycle and Transfer Station works.

The free permits will be good from April 1 through June 30, 2012. 

Over 1,000 Sudbury residents now use the Recycling and Transfer Station and make a difference in keeping our environment cleaner and greener. The RTS offers recycling for newspaper, plastics, metal, corrugated cardboard, glass, and household paper and sells them to companies that reprocess them into new products or other uses. The objective is to create less trash, which would otherwise be incinerated or buried in landfills. Both are expensive, and incineration is a major contributor to air pollution.

Residents who have started using the Sudbury RTS have been amazed at how much ‘trash’ they had been putting into big plastic bags for commercial collection that is actually recyclable. They have gone from big bags of trash and small containers of recyclables to big containers of recyclables and small bags of trash. Many residents have learned how easy it is being green and to take responsibility for keeping our environment clean.

Every Saturday, parents and grandparents can be seen teaching their children and grand-children how to recycle. The kids love it and are eager to help put recyclables in the correct bin.

To make it even easier for residents, the Town has established a “Green Vest” Volunteer program. The Green Vests are on duty on Saturdays to answer questions and facilitate distribution of recyclables.

This is a triple-header opportunity: Participate in recycling and keep the environment cleaner. Save 50% on commercial trash collection. Teach the children conservation and responsible stewardship of our community, our air, and our land.

The Department of Public Works, which oversees the RTS, has made significant site improvements:

  • New walkways make it easier to access the bins
  • A new railings system was installed for enhanced safety
  • Placement of new handicap ramps 

Other site improvements are in the works, including new signs.

The “Put-and-Take” and the Book Shed reopen on April 1. Both are free and hold many treasures. They are open to anyone holding an RTS permit. The Sudbury Recycling and Transfer Station is able to accept and responsibly recycle hazardous items that commercial services may not accept, such as: all types of light bulbs, mercury- containing products such as thermometers and thermostats, used motor oil, tires, wheel rims, auto batteries, household batteries, and most appliances.

There are many reasons to get a free 3-month permit for Sudbury’s Recycling and Transfer Station, from saving money, to protecting our environment, to teaching our kids to be responsible citizens. Come to one of the three information sessions at the Sudbury Community Center during the last week of March and become an active Recycler.

PRACTICE THE 4 R’S: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Respect

Leonard A. Simon, for the Sudbury RTS Group