Active Foreclosures Listing *updated” through 3/22/07

Published March 22, 2007 | Collector / Treasurer | Automatically Archived on 3/22/2007

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The Town of Sudbury is actively pursuing foreclosure on several delinquent properties, with additional petitions forthcoming in fiscal year 2007. Several parcels in foreclosure were recently paid off by interested parties. The Town hopes this trend will continue.


Most foreclosures are filed in Land Court however some properties that qualify as "Land of Low Value" may be foreclosed relatively quick by petitioning the Commissioner of Revenue.

Owners wishing to redeem properties from tax title before final foreclosure must also pay for certain legal costs and all accumulated interest.  Statutory tax title interest is 16% per annum.  As such any tax title balances that are more than 6.25 years old accumulate interest charges in excess of 100% of the original tax balance due.

Foreclosed parcels may be sold by the Town at public auction or kept for municipal or conservation purposes.  The Town expects to hold its first public land auction in over a decade in May 2007.. 

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Active Foreclosures List

For further information regarding foreclosure status, tax liens, or public auction of foreclosed/tax title properties contact the Treasurer's Office at 978-639-3376 or [email protected]