Middlesex Deputy Sheriffs to pay a visit to businesses refusing to pay delinquent Personal Property Tax.

Published March 22, 2007 | Collector / Treasurer | Automatically Archived on 4/13/2007

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The Town of Sudbury like all municipalities in Massachusetts is required to levy & collect personal property taxes in accordance with State statutes and local ordinances. Business owners that fail to pay this tax, unfairly shift the burden to other taxpayers. 

All businesses with a judgment order by the Court are given ample opportunity to make suitable payment arrangements.  However, those that have simply refused to pay are considered in contempt of court.  A Middlesex Sheriff’s Deputy will be in Sudbury over the next two weeks to serve a Writ of Execution to Judgment Debtors.  Failure to pay will result in attachment of said judgment against the debtor’s business-owned real estate.  All court filing costs & warrant fees must be paid by the Judgment Debtor.  Additionally, all mortgagees will be notified by the Town that a judgment lien has been placed on the debtor’s property.  

Taking any taxpayer to court is always a last resort.  The Collector’s Office is always willing to help avoid such drastic measures.  At the same time, we have both a fiscal and fiduciary responsibility to ensure that all taxpayers pay their fair share; without detriment to the Community as a whole and its ongoing financial stability. Any questions or concerns regarding tax delinquency may be directed to the Treasurer’s Office at 978-639-3376 extension  or [email protected]